The On-Demand Economy

The On-Demand Economy Survey


The On-Demand Economy Survey

In recent years, The On-Demand Economy, which is also called The Sharing Economy or The Gig Economy, has played a major role in the growth and direction of the economy in the United States. To gauge the opinions of workers and users in this economy across a broad range of industries, Burson-Marsteller, in partnership with The Aspen Institute’s Future of Work Initiative and TIME conducted a wide-ranging survey that examined the size and composition of the On-Demand Economy in the United States and which offers insights into trends surrounding the On-Demand Economy and its participants (both workers and users).

From November 16–25, 2015, Penn Schoen Berland conducted 3,000 online interviews with American adults on their opinions on the on-demand economy. The survey sample is representative of the US population, with demographics matched to US Census. Margin of error for the total general population sample is±1.79% and larger for sub-groups.

Survey results were used to calculate the total number of Americans having participated, used, and/or offered on-demand economy services. The estimated share of Americans without access to the Internet, which is necessary for on-demand participation, was taken into account when calculating the total participation, usage, and offering numbers.