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Strategy and Planning

Time is the real currency of the 21st century. That’s why we begin client engagements by clearly assessing the audience’s point of view. If we can understand how people spend their precious time, we can understand how to reach them as individuals. Our planning team begins this work by looking closely at the time people spend online, on social media, on their smart phones and in the real world.

This behavioral approach is then rolled into a larger equation considering brand and category perceptions, historical media coverage and social media engagement. Finally, we talk directly to people themselves, including customers and internal stakeholders, advocates and detractors, analysts and, of course, the media. The sum total of this process allows us to focus on who your audience really is — their values, hobbies, habits and long-term goals — rather than simply what broad category they fit into. The end point is a communications hypothesis and narrative architecture that clearly connects the dots between you and your audience.