NEW DELHI, June 16, 2015 – Genesis Burson-Marsteller (GBM), a leading public relations and public affairs consultancy that delivers integrated communications services to some of the best global and Indian companies, today announced it has carved out two Centers of Expertise – GBM Issues & Crisis Group and GBM Client Studio, with dedicated teams comprised of senior counselors, former journalists and digital specialists, for servicing and addressing client needs pertaining to these specialized areas.

The GBM Issues & Crisis Group offers a complete range of crisis readiness, response and recovery capabilities wherever needed, 24/7/365. The crisis preparedness and training programs ensures that clients have the structures, tools and resources in place to prevent crises where possible and successfully navigate them, if they are unavoidable.

The GBM Client Studio trains corporate leaders, hones their skills and gives them coaching on specific communications needs. GBM Client Studio taps into decades of experience and proprietary knowledge, and brings out concepts and insights to facilitate training tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and trainee.

Sheena Sharma heads both GBM Issues & Crisis Group and GBM Client Studio. With more than 20 years of communication training and public relations experience, she has been instrumental in creating these two Centres of Expertise given her forte in areas such as messaging, media spokespeople training, issues and crises, online public relations, stakeholder engagement and presentation skills.

Sheena Sharma says, “We understand messaging and the impact it has on stakeholders. In today’s overcrowded new media world the importance of a company’s corporate voice is more vital than ever. Companies need to engage directly with various audiences at a more personal level. The ‘word on the street’ is the new corporate reputation. So not only must their messages be clear and well crafted, the messenger must be confident and persuasive. Both will be judged by a discerning public. GBM Issues & Crisis equips clients with an even higher level of planning, preparedness and training given the high stakes and GBM Client Studio through hands-on trainings and simulations enables delivery of messages across a gamut of channels – traditional and social.”

Prema Sagar, Principal & Founder states, “We continue to break new ground in the Indian integrated communications space. The two expertise centers that we had pioneered have now grown to such a large scale that providing them their own identities has become an imperative. With their own visual language, both GBM Client Studio and Issues & Crisis Group can stake claim to prominence along with GBM Live! Newsroom, GBM Digital Studio, GBM Content & Design Bureau, as well as for our business divisions, Step Up and The Outstanding Speakers Bureau.”

Refreshed new corporate identities can be seen on the Genesis Burson-Marsteller website and social channels. The latest updates on the GBM Issues & Crisis Group and GBM Client Studio can be followed via their Twitter handles, @GbmCrisis and @GbmClientStudio.

About Genesis Burson-Marsteller
Genesis Burson-Marsteller is a leading public relations and public affairs consultancy that delivers integrated communication services to some of the best global and Indian companies. Our focus is on creating real measurable impact on our client’s business through evidence based, ideas driven and result oriented campaigns. We have created a network across South Asia which includes wholly owned offices in seven of India’s key metros and a strong affiliate footprint in over 200 cities across India and in neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Committed to Being More, we are one seamless team that has a common purpose and attitude: integrated across four practices (namely, Brand and Consumer, Corporate and Financial, Telecom and Technology as well as Health and Wellness) and Centres of Expertise (Corporate Responsibility, GBM Digital Studio, Step Up, The Outstanding Speakers Bureau, GBM Content & Design Bureau, GBM Crisis & Issues Group, GBM Client Studio, GBM Live! Newsroom), to assist clients achieve their business objectives.

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