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Case Study: Blueair, AIRVIEW Mobile Experience

Our Work

Case Study: BlueAir, AIRVIEW Mobile Experience

Blueair, the world’s leading manufacturer of air purification systems, conducted research revealing very low awareness of the link between air pollution and serious illnesses. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, poor air quality can lead to stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and chronic respiratory diseases, including asthma. Other data reveal that 99% of the world’s population breathes polluted air every day.

To introduce Blueair’s new products into the Nordic region, our challenge was to create interest and awareness for a product most people in the Nordics don’t think they need. We asked, what if you could actually see what you’re breathing, essentially making an invisible problem visible? We aimed to launch a campaign making the hazards of air pollution real in a simple, direct, engaging and personal way.

We created Air View, an interactive Web service and tool that visualizes air quality in real- time at your exact location by combining data from BlueAir’s existing global air quality data layered in real-time via Google Street View. No downloads or apps required: Just open any PC or mobile Web browser, enter a location and look around at the pollutants in the air you’re breathing. We also secured partnerships for BlueAir with key health authorities and opinion leaders, including the World Allergy Organization. Additionally, AIRVIEW received a powerful push when the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency recommended the product to keep track of air pollution.


Online sales jumped when the Nordics’ largest retailer used AirView to drive traffic to its Blueair purifiers online promotion. The product drew 100,000 unique visitors within the first few months of launch with an average of 2.3 minutes per viewing in 3 different locations and average 270,000 AirView uses. More telling, Blueair Purifiers sales increased 61% in Sweden within 5 months.