Burson Culture


Imagine waking up each day and going to a place where you work alongside the smartest and savviest people in your profession. This place exists. It’s called Burson-Marsteller. Many of our senior professionals have counseled CEOs, presidents and heads of state through some of their toughest challenges. We have a rich heritage, and many of our industry’s best and brightest spent much of their career learning and developing their skills at Burson-Marsteller.

PRWeek wrote, “It is interesting to see how many alumni assume leadership of organizations across the profession. While not scientific, a look down the list reveals a remarkable list of achievers, both entrepreneurial and working for other, many times larger, organizations.” The Burson Legacy: Career Guide.

Burson-Marsteller’s distinguished global team of professionals and leading experts work collaboratively to ensure that we are consistently producing some of the best work in the industry. This creates an environment where junior and mid-level employees receive on-the-job training from some of the savviest and most experienced communications professionals around. Our employees foster an environment of collegiality, collaboration and creativity. This environment is supported by the deep respect and camaraderie among our colleagues across our global network.

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