December 15, 2010

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Fortune 50 Use of Mobile: If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It!

Posted By Burson-Marsteller

Today you can send an email, transfer bank funds, refill a prescription, stream a movie or make a purchase all from the convenience of a mobile device. And, an increasing number of people are now relying on their mobile devices for email, texting and video more than they are for voice calls.

Given the speed of mobile adoption and growth projections of smartphone usage, mobile will soon be the primary digital means that consumers use to interact with brands, friends, retailers and other businesses. This presents a tremendous opportunity for communications professionals to interact directly with consumers anytime and anyplace – if companies are ready to take advantage of it.

However, Burson-Marsteller and Proof Integrated Communications’ new study, “The Fortune 50 Use of Mobile,” found that even though 62% of Fortune 50 companies are reaching out to stakeholders with some form of mobile communications (mobile-optimized websites, mobile applications, SMS/text messaging, or QR codes), only 39% of these companies are highlighting their mobile offerings on their corporate websites. So, they’ve created a mobile presence but are missing out on interacting with customers by not making their mobile offerings known. .

View the presentation below for more statistics about the Fortune 50’s use of mobile and for examples of effective mobile websites and apps.

Read the full press release here.