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#5COMMTRENDS2015 Creativity

December 21, 2015

Throughout the year, I have been blogging and tweeting about the 5 Cs of Communication Trends for 2015. To date I’ve covered #consumers, #connectivity #crisis and #culture. For my final blog of 2016, I’m going to look at creativity.


Asia and Beyond: The Four Ps of Communicating the Age of Disruption

December 14, 2015

Home to the world’s highest level of foreign direct investment* and the lion’s share of annual patent applications, Asia has become a hub of innovation. Companies are vying for an advantage in this new land of opportunity. How can communicators help tech companies operate in the region? And how is the Asian marketplace having an impact on start-ups versus larger corporations?


One Year of President Rousseff’s Second Term: Impeachment Process and Deep Economic Recession

December 11, 2015

In October 2014, Brazil endured one of its most polarized presidential elections since the re-democratization in the late 1980’s. President Dilma Rousseff, from the center left Workers’ Party (PT), was reelected in a tight runoff for a country whose economy was about to collapse. One year later, Ms. Rousseff faces a serious political crisis with a real threat of impeachment, a deep economic recession, an ever-growing antagonist Congress and public popularity of barely 10 percent. The government has announced spending cuts, tax increases and reductions of staff and budgets in the public administration to recover from the crisis; however, the loss of support from the allied base in the National Congress has hampered the successful implementation of the announced measures. Simultaneously, the corruption scandal of Brazil’s semi-public oil giant, Petrobras, came to light and was used as a catalyst, accelerating a chain reaction for major political and economic difficulties.


#5COMMTRENDS2015 Culture

November 30, 2015

Culture Throughout the year, I have been blogging and tweeting about the 5 Cs of Communication Trends for 2015. So far I’ve looked at #consumers, #connectivity and #crisis. Culture, in corporate terms, is all about Corporate Purpose, authenticity, transparency, trust and leadership. In today’s world consumers have a lot more insight into all of these […]


How Do You Convince People to Switch Brands?

November 16, 2015

Every time we engage a new client or prospect, we ask ourselves, what’s their central question? A central question is a client’s most important business question—a question that, when answered, solves a critical business issue and informs how communications can play a role in solving that issue. The central question can be harder to define than you might think, and then even harder to answer once you define it.


#5COMMTRENDS2015 Crisis

November 2, 2015

Crisis At the beginning of the year I introduced my 5 Cs of Communication Trends for 2015 and since then I have also explored what it means to be living in a world of constant #connectivity and how that is affecting #consumers. Here I tackle the subject of #crisis and the importance of Corporate Purpose […]


UK Party Conference Season Round-Up

October 28, 2015

The conclusion of the Scottish National Party (SNP) party conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, on Saturday 17th October brought a curtain down on a fascinating UK political conference season. After a month of speeches, fringe events and panel discussions in UK cities up and down the country, what has been learned and what lies ahead?


How to handle a data breach

October 27, 2015

This blog post was originally posted on the B-M UK Blog on October 23, 2015. It can be accessed here. Data breaches have become a major cause of crises for corporations, government entities and other institutions. Yet the vast majority of data breaches, while troublesome, do not become reputational crises for the affected organisations. What […]


Ten Years of Chancellor Angela Merkel: From Mädchen to Europe’s Leader

October 21, 2015

2015 is a historic year for Germany: 25 years ago East Germany and West Germany were reunited after 40 years of separation. The reunification paved the way for yet another milestone as, in 2005, Angela Merkel (Christian-Democrats), raised and educated in the East German Democratic Republic, was elected the first female Chancellor in German history.


5 Lessons for Corporate Executives from the Democratic Presidential Debate

October 15, 2015

Political campaigns are dynamic and personable, fast-moving and targeted. That’s why in recent years – particularly following the impressively successful ground operation of the 2008 Obama presidential campaign – corporate America has shown increasing interest in transforming communications efforts to mirror a political campaign model. Given this intermingling of corporate and political worlds, I was […]